CDM Aquatics Federation
       CDM Aquatics Federation
Mission Statement  

          CDM Aquatics Federation (CDMAF) is a legally formed, valid and existing California non-profit corporation formed to ensure that Orange County youth and adults have an opportunity to compete in the sport of water polo at various skill levels in a healthy and safe environment, and to raise funds for the operation of and otherwise support the CDM Aquatics club water polo programs. 

          CDM Aquatics offers very competitive, highly-ranked, national caliber water polo programs for boys and girls aged 7-18, as well as post-high school/collegiate and adult athletes. The object of the programs is to develop and hone athletic skills and techniques through safe, instructive, and appropriately challenging workouts and competitive opportunities.  An equally important goal is to teach life skills and values such as discipline, good character, setting and striving to achieve goals, good sportsmanship, and mental strength, while developing a love of sports and camaraderie with teammates, and to build self-esteem and self-discipline in each participant.

          The programs seek to inspire each participant to be a scholar-athlete by encouraging each participant to strive to achieve the highest level of academic standards and athletic performance of which he or she is capable.  Finally, the programs expect to accomplish these goals in a manner which promotes mutual respect, civility, and orderly conduct among the participants, coaches, fellow athletes, and members of the broader community.

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